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 Frequently Asked Questions                                                         

There are lots of liquid feed companies, why should I choose MLF for my supplement needs?
MLF was founded by ranchers just like you, who were looking for a better solution than what was currently available. Unlike most of our competitors, the MLF owners actually own ranches and made a living on the land before the start of MLF. These experiences helped mold the product line into the highly effective products our customers use today. Our only business is cattle feed. We use the best ingredients, not whatever some other division within a large corporate company needs to get rid of. Performance is important, but we also realize that it can’t come at a price that doesn’t return any benefit for the producer.

MLF claims they can control the intake of supplement for cattle?
MLF utilizes several different products for use in various situations. Many of these products have different nutrient profiles along with different taste. Our highly trained dealers can mix these products together to achieve the proper intake for the customer. Between the difference in palatability and nutrients, cattle can be regulated in different feed situations. Because of this we do not need to use lick wheels, or the methods used to manufacture tub or block products.
How much Protein is in MLF products?

The protein content of our feeds can range from 10%-24%.  We utilize several protein sources to achieve these levels. All sources used are rumen friendly and break down at different times within the rumen.

How much Fat is used in MLF products?
We use only high quality fat from vegetable oil (soybeans). Our products range from 5%-12%. This allows our feed to have more energy than most products that come from traditional molasses products. To achieve our higher fat levels we use pure vegetable oil in order to keep a consistent, well flowing product. Our plant is the only one that manufactures this ingredient allowing us to keep a more consistent, higher quality product.

I have heard other liquid companies say too much Fat can harm fiber digestion?
Too much water can cause water toxicity in a human and cause death. This can be said about all nutrients that cattle or humans ingest. The key is to the percentage of the nutrient compared to the total dietary intake. Independent ruminant nutritionist all agree that supplemental fat in the cattle diet below 4% of total diet will actually increase performance and have no negative effects on rumen activity. Vegetable fats have actually been shown to boost many of the reproductive hormones and increase conception rates. If you fed a 1200 lb cow 2lbs of our ALL-Lix product that is 12% fat the cow would still only be receiving 0.8% of her total diet from fat. We can chalk this one up to people upset that cattle on ALL-Lix will outperform other supplement types.

MLF claims that ALL-Lix meets all mineral requirements for an average size cow?
That’s right. We have formulated our main product line to more than meet NRC standards for a 1300 lb cow when fed 1.5lbs of ALL-Lix. We also do this by utilizing Organic Trace Minerals which have been shown to have 6x times the uptake of minerals from other forms. The combination of an excellent mineral package and our high quality vegetable oil can be attributed to many of our customers seeing 5-15% jumps in conception rates from products they were using previously.

You claim that your products contain limited amounts of urea, but your feed tags say that they contain NPN?
Non-protein-nitrogen or “NPN” can come from several sources with the most common being Urea. However MLF uses NPN from several sources. Ammonium chloride is one of the options we use instead of using straight Urea like other companies. It creates a slower breakdown time within the rumen allowing it to feed more generations of rumen microbes compared to Urea. Our feeds contain no more than 16% equivalent of protein from NPN sources.

Is it cost effective to use ALL-Lix on yearlings and calves?
Yes, many of our customers use ALL-Lix on pasture cattle as well as cattle in lots. These cattle generally experience improved gain and health. There are many feed additives that can be added to our products to improve overall performance of this age of animals. We also have a product that is specifically designed for weaning calves, introduction to feedlots, or simply to straighten out high stress cattle before they are turned out on pasture.

Can I feed ALL-Lix in pastures where horses are turned out?
Yes. We actually have many customers that use our line of products specifically for horses. Many of these customers are impressed with the improved hair coat, brightness of eye, flesh, and overall energy level of their horses once they start the ALL-Lix program.

Why feed ALL-Lix instead of blocks, tubs, or cubes?
MLF products are delivered by the dealer and require no labor, mileage cost, or time spent putting them out. We also experience little to no waste with ALL-Lix. Generally our products contain higher quality and quantities of minerals and vitamins as well. All of the ingredients in ALL-Lix are rumen friendly for cattle on forage based diets. Many other products contain grains which can hurt fiber utilization.

Will MLF products freeze? What about rain?
MLF products will not freeze. We have dealers from North Dakota to Texas in every wheather condition there is.Two of these factors come from the use of proteferm as a protein source and phosphorus. Both of these ingredients are nutrient rich. Phosphorus is generally an expensive ingredient; however it is responsible for a high percentage of bodily functions and is usually one of the most limited nutrients within the cattle diet. MLF always uses the same phosphorus level in our feeds to guarantee our performance stays the same. Rain water will sit on top of ALL-Lix as it is lighter. Generally cattle will just drink the water off the top of the trough.

How can I become a dealer of MLF products?
Good question. Click here for information on becoming a dealer. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, give us a call. We would love to discuss with you the many possibilities that being part of the MLF team brings.

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