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Midwest Liquid Feeds was started by two brothers who were looking for a supplement that had never been offered before. As ranchers in South Dakota, they determined that the market place was missing a high quality product that not only was cost controlled, but also proved to be an excellent source of energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Until “ALL-Lix” was developed, a supplement that met all these criteria could not be found. Since our inception, MLF has pledged to “supplement cattle with the customer in mind”! Our background makes us unique in today’s market place. With the knowledge of raising cattle and the everyday needs of cattleman, we strive to make products that are not only affordable, but work well and increase performance. We are here to help with your operation and want to be your partner in success! As the industry is continually changing, we are constantly working on new products to better serve cattleman in every situation.



At Midwest Liquid Feeds we take pride in providing the highest quality product possible. Our manufacturing facilities have over 30 years’ experience in the mixing of liquid feed. Along with our experience, comes location. Our multiple locations are able to competitively service many areas throughout the Midwest and Southwestern US. The main plant in Atchison Kansas is ideally located on the Missouri river in the heart of most liquid feed ingredients. Unlike some companies, our only business is making high quality feed from high quality ingredients. We have strict criteria on what ingredients we use and how we use them. We achieve high energy blends from using products manufactured at the plant, not left over from other processes that rob key nutrients. We also use the highest quality Organic Trace Minerals produced to meet or exceed globally accepted standards. MLF lives by one simple standard “always produce high quality products that work, so we maintain and earn our loyal customers”.


Midwest Liquid Feeds utilizes a network of highly trained dealers to provide our products to the local cattleman. MLF dealers pride themselves on cattle knowledge-as many are producers themselves-giving them the right tools to provide the best service in the industry. When buying from a MLF dealer you are getting a quality product from someone local that you trust. Our dealers make a living providing you with quality products, which means your success is tied to their success. They are trained to mix our different products together so we can achieve the right intake for every situation. Let our dealers work for you by delivering feed right to your cows, provide industry leading approved additives for every situation, have feed testing and ration balancing done, or simply just another hand keeping an eye on your cattle. We also provide quality custom mixes for those that wish. Please contact us with any and all questions so we can put you in touch with one of our dealers today! Don’t have a dealer in your area?

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