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 ALL-Lix Start Right!                                                                   

Start Right was specially formulated to fill every nutritional void during weaning and feedlot introduction. This period of time cattle are the most susceptible to disease and loss of performance. Start Right will bridge this gap and increase performance through weight gain and prevention of disease. During weaning and shipping the rumen stops functioning properly. The main cause of lost performance is the balling period when calves do not eat. Start Right provides all the essential nutrients in a sweet, liquid form that cattle will go to. Start Right is designed to be fed around 2lbs per head per day and generally takes calves 10 to 20 days to consume the desired amount. All cattle will react to stress differently based on environment, genetics, and experience. This will cause different groups to consume at varying levels. After this time the majority of calves will be consuming feed properly and no longer have the need for the extra nutrients.

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Protein & Fat
  • The Protein ingredients within Start Right will aid in getting the saliva glands going which will create an appetite.
  • Vegetable fat is nutrient dense and a quick source of energy for cattle that are not exhibiting normal eating habits.
  • These ingredients will help sustain the animal while getting them on feed.
  • Start Right has a very sweet taste and aroma which will draw the cattle to it.

Start Right has been formulated with a unique blend of multiple source protein, vegetable fat, organic trace minerals, vitamins, yeast cultures, and nucleotides. Our specific blend of these nutrients is unlike any other product on the market. As an all-natural product, Start Right is ideal for any situation. The vitamins and minerals we include in our formulation are research proven at specific levels to have significant benefits during stress periods.

Start Right has shown the following results.

  • Get calves on feed faster.
  • Increase gain.
  • Reduce pulls and medicine cost.
  • Reduce labor cost.
  • Keep cattle healthy.

What one rancher said about Start Right after weaning over 600 calves on it this fall. "This is the first time we have not doctored a single calf during weaning".

Texas A&M University conducted a Ranch to Rail study from 1992-2001 looking at the importance of health on feedlot profitability. What they found over 9 years was that a healthy calf returned on average $91.88 more money than those cattle that became sick.

MLF is the only company to use cattle specific Nucleotides to aid in immune response. Nucleoforce™ Calves has a unique composition that is different from products designed for other species. This product is proving very beneficial for the success of Start Right. Below are just some of the benefits of Nucleotides.

  • Promotion of small intestinal growth
  • Protection against diarrheal disease
  • Increase immune response
  • Help prevent disease
  • Help with cell replication
  • Promotes bifidubacterium and Lactobacillus
  • Enhance cellular and humoral immunity


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