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 Yearling/Feeder cattle                                                                                                

The ALL-Lix product line is designed for more than just the cow/calf operation. Over the years we have had several satisfied customers successfully use ALL-Lix as part of their stocker enterprise. It doesn't matter if you're running on native pasture, the wheat fields of Texas and Oklahoma, or simply feeding in a lot with a feed wagon. MLF has the right solution and product for your situation! Whether your operation consist of taking in cattle by the gain, or taking your quality calves to the next step in production to capture added value, ALL-Lix can help add value to the bottom line!

Benefits of using ALL-Lix

  • Extra gain.
  • Help control bloat.
  • Keep cattle healthy with a complete mineral and vitamin pack.
  • Reduce handling and medicine cost by using approved additives in the trough.
  • Help better utilize feed through more complete fiber digestion.
  • 1/4-1 pound a day extra gain not uncommon depending on the situation.
  • Even daily supplement consumption with our controlled products.
  • Maintain healthy appetite.
  • Better project budgets with predictable costs.

Join the many satisfied customers today. This year one South Dakota rancher said after using ALL-Lix for the first time "I didn't even have to weigh the two groups of cattle at the end of the year. When I mixed them together I could pick out the ones that were on ALL-Lix. Next year I am putting all my stockers on".

Click here to learn more about the ALL-Lix product line and some of the feed additives available.

Receiving high stress cattle into the feedlot or for pasture grazing?
Click here to learn about our Start Right calf product designed specifically for high stress situations.


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