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 Why use ALL-Lix?                                                                     

The ALL-Lix Product line was designed by ranchers to supplement the four basic needs most forages are lacking (protein, energy, minerals, and vitamins). With the use of vegetable oil for energy and Organic Trace Minerals, ALL-lix is one of the most nutrient dense liquid products on the market. ALL-Lix products are a balanced Protein-Energy supplement that is designed to supply a wide array of “rumen friendly” nutrients into the diet. ALL-Lix supplies the rumen a degradable protein source that can enhance microbial growth and improve digestion, thus increasing fiber utilization. This formulation extends nitrogen release, feeding multiple generations of Cellulolytic bacteria. The end result is more energy & protein available to the cow, thus increasing performance and profit for producers! Not only does ALL-Lix break down slowly, it is available 24-7 unlike other forms of supplements.

 Ingredient Benefits!                                                                   

 ALL-Lix Protein

  • Multiple source product.
  • Liquid form allows for better bio-availability and utilization.
  • Limited use of Urea.
  • Promotes Fiber digestion.
  • Can increase the palatibility of other feeds.

ALL-Lix Fat

  • Comes from vegetable oil (Soybeans).
  • Fat has 112% more energy than sugar from molasses, pound for pound.
  • Fat has 2.25 times more energy than carbohydrates from corn.
  • Fat is a precursor for several reproductive hormones, supplemental fat can help with the hormones that control estrus, ovulation and early embryonic development. These hormones are, Cholesterol, Progesterone, Luteinizing hormone and Growth hormone.
  • Faster breed back.
  • Can help pregnancy rates.
  • Can help increase weaning weights.
  • Can help prevent bloat.

ALL-Lix uses Organic Trace Minerals


  • Zinpro minerals are Amino Acid Complex's that are bound to a specific Amino Acid
  • Zinpro Availa minerals are backed by decades of research and results!
  • Organic minerals can have up to six times the blood uptake level compared to inorganics.
  • All-Lix is formulated to more than meet the NRC standards for minerals when fed at 1.5 lbs.
  • Inorganic trace minerals that are commonly found in most supplements can pass up to 95% of the product through the digestive track without being absorbed.
  • Better support vaccine response.
  • Higher quality minerals can help improve conception rates over other forms.


 The ALL-Lix line of products is suitable for every situation!

Midwest Liquid Feeds offers feed in different palatability's to control the intake of cattle.
These special formulations are designed to increase the protein, fat, and phosphorus available to the cattle while limiting cost. ALL-Lix is a leader in cost control, allowing dealers to feed different classes of cattle on differing diets, a customized amount of supplement.

The ALL-Lix advantage.

  • Dealer delivers right to your cows!
  • Product cost is fed cost!
  • Save on labor cost compared to other supplements!
  • Utilize cheaper forages!
  • Experience more even consumption across herd (benefit of open trough)!
  • Dealer regulates consumption, giving you piece of mind!

Feed Additives

ALL-Lix can be tailored for use with several approved feed additives when used according to label. Whether its using IGR in the summer for fly control, or yeast products to prevent scours through calving season, this is one of the many ways our dealers out service the rest.


  • IGR
  • Bovatec
  • Magnesium
  • Bloat Guard
  • Yeast based products
  • Many more...

Typical range of ALL-Lix nutrients for cow/calf and yearling applications.

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